The painful story of a CEO that cried – and his secret

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My name is Alex Lim. I am 35 years old this year. I have been running an education company for about 12 years now. I would like to tell you something personal about myself.

One day last September I just broke down and started to cry.

I couldn’t help it. I had reached my breaking point. I felt like I was going to have a nervous breakdown.

It happened one Monday morning during a visit to DBS bank. I looked at my credit balance. It was at negative $150,000. I had already sold my rolex that I bought with a paycheck as a broker, and asked money from my Dad. It was at that point in time where I could not follow my business maxims of “Never do business with families” and “Money never grow on trees”. I borrowed $10,000 from my father, with 5% using a promissory note.

Each day where I enter the office, I had to project optimism and confidence to my employees because I am the CEO. What they did not see is that, during our 10th anniversary, my wife and I are sharing a bottle of $10 wine at home and was kind of just looking at each other. “I am really screwed”, I thought to myself.

This was how close I were to the edge.

Back in the company, I would see my employees surfing Facebook and chatting with their friends using the new Whatsapp web application.

When they know of my presence, they would be terrified and quickly switched their screens to either Microsoft Word or Google, pretending to be busy.

I know that they do not have any work to do.

And I know, it is not the fault of my products. I sell educational courses to students at the primary, secondary and JC level. Clients who went through these programs are really satisfied, and they would refer friends, siblings and relatives to join my program. However, the number of paying customers would still be way below my operating costs.

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I need more customers.

Desperation soon turned into despair. I tried so many channels to market my product. Television, radio, newspaper, magazines, social media, search engine optimization. I have done them all. I even engaged multiple marketing agencies who would ask me to fill in complicated forms, and pay exorbitant fees that promise a high ROI.

I spent many sleepless nights rolling around looking up at the ceiling. Thinking that it is counter-productive, I tried to Google to see how I could increase sales for my business, learning all sorts of programs from Photoshop to Google Adwords – all in a silent but desperate attempt to prevent my business from crashing.

The results were always the same. I would be able to generate a few enquiries here and there, but ultimately after taking away all my costs, I would lose even more money.

It happened many times before, but somehow this time it seemed like the last straw. I didn’t know where to turn to or how else to try. I was about to give up.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t want this to sound like a sob story. I am telling you all this not because I want you to feel sorry for me. There is no need for that anyway. My story has a very happy ending.

My story has a happy ending because the next day I found a discovery that would change my entire life. I found an amazing way to generate customers in a way that I never dream existed.

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I am not going to tell you my secret here. However, I will tell you this much. I did not get this information from any of the so-called “gurus”. I did not get this information from a book. I did not find this information in a magazine. I did not find this information on Google.

To be honest, I stumbled across this totally by accident when I was looking for something else.

But it doesn’t matter. What matters is that at last I have found an answer.

Let me tell you why my discovery is so fantastic.


Profit Spitting Machine

This was the day I found out a quantum leap in getting more customers. It was transformational, amazing and almost surreal. For every dollar I put into this secret money printing, customer-generating, profit spitting machine it gave me back $30. At first I could not believe that this was happening – I thought I was in a dream – but it was true.

Lightning fast

Holy, I did not know which demon actually worked at this but within 24 hours leads are pouring in — as if I have found the ultimate cure for cancer. You will not believe it.

For the very first time in my life, all new customers were calling me non-stop. I had so many missed calls it is hard to track which were the ones that I actually got back and which were the ones that we have already spoke to. It was a euphoric mess.

Completely stress-free

This discovery made it completely brainless to brainwash my customers to queuing up at your doorstep. No wordy ebooks, lengthy and boring videos, no expensive courses or clunky softwares to learn. Basically the whole thing just took me 1 hour to set it up and everything was on autopilot.

Activating the profit-spitting machine was as easy as writing a primary 3 English essay. There’s absolutely zero complications and trust me, you could sleep in peace at night without any of your brain cells dying.

Is it for you?

As you can tell by now, what I have discovered is pretty good when it comes to helping you generate customers and profits. It gives you time, saves you money, and most importantly, it gives you a permanent boost in profitability.

However, I would like to stress that this solution is not for everyone. If you have too much money, or too many customers that you cannot handle them then forget about this.

If you are running a company that is selling something that costs anywhere from $0.10 to $50,000, and have something that is targeted at consumers, congratulations. You have passed the qualifying test for this magic to work on you. This is the mindblowing transformation that you have always been looking for. You might suddenly earn so much money that you don’t have a clue of what to do with all of it.

All that I ask is that you spend 15 seconds to fill in the form below to give this discovery a try.

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